Thursday, 3 May 2012

Pocket fold foiled butterfly Wedding Invitations

Last year my niece got married. All the family were very excited as we only have 4 young ones in the family and they were all dragging their feet. Only kidding! but we hadn't had a wedding for a while. I asked the happy couple if I could do their wedding stationary as their wedding gift. They were delighted.

At the time of volunteering the wedding was at least a year away but then they decided to bring it forward and suddenly it was 12 weeks away. The panic was on. My panic that is, the Bride and Groom were as calm as anything.I live a 3 hour drive away so the phone and computer were getting hotter by the minute.The theme was butterflies and colour pink and black. I trawled through my stash and various web sites and   between myself and my niece and maybe a nod now and then from the groom we were away.

I made pocket folders out of 6x6 card by wrapping them with patterned paper to fold round the edge to add a pocket. I used the butterfly background from the My Craft Studio Tattered Florals Range. I had bought a laser printer so that I could foil the wording but then we decided that the background looked good foiled as well. I didn't have special equipment I just used a laminator which worked really well. I also printed, foiled  and cut out butterfly embellishments to stick on the front.I had about 180 to cut out.........
Various inserts were printed off,including a map and directions to the church and venue and details of accommodation (a word of advice don't trust the internet when trying to find phone numbers etc I printed everything off and then realised there were incorrect ) also a RSVP I used a Martha Stewart edge punch for the butterfly edge.
A nestablity wonky square with a butterfly and ribbon added to the front of the invite and hey presto the invites were done. They could now go out and I had a bit of time to do the be continued after I have made a nodding aquaintence to my housework.

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  1. Sue, these are gorgeous, the photo's don't do them justice at all. The pink foiling is so effective. Jools. xx