Thursday, 3 May 2012

Order of Service

The next task was the Order of Service. I decided to do a rather detailed one with a history of the church to make it a bit different. I got quite friendly with the vicar! Over the Internet you understand. First names in the end. ( ooh get me)
Once again the Tattered Floral Butterflies came into play but this time I didn't foil them.Printed directly onto a 5x7 card.  I mat and layered the front detail.  Added a pink parchment insert with all the details starting off with the Order of the Day following with Order of Service and then finishing with the history of the church.

I was really pleased with the results as were the B&G The vicar held it up at the beginning of the service and said he was very impressed and this is how the O of S should always be done. Embarrassing or what!!! but rather nice.

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